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Things To Do and See Around Málaga for Next to Nothing!

21st August 2012 • Posted in Where2 Magazine

Sightseeing can be a pricey business, so for savvy travellers and those on a budget, here are some low-cost attractions to enjoy in and around Málaga. After all, your wallet deserves a holiday too.

The Old Quarter

A tangle of ideal-for-getting-lost-in cobbled lanes awash with fascinating architecture. People watch and contemplate life from a bench in one of the leafy piazzas.

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The Cathedral

Málaga Cathedral or 'La Manquita' ('one armed woman') so-called because it has only one completed tower. Besides 40 saintly statues to see and ponder over, the Cathedral Museum in the old chapter house is awash with gold and silver ornaments.

Atarazana Central Market

A hive of activity and local banter where cheap, fresh produce including cheese, vegetables, fruit and fish is sold. This is one of the city’s architectural gems, where 14th century Moorish architecture meets 19th century industrial design.

Bishop’s Palace

The 18th century Palacio Espiscopal is one of the city’s finest exhibition centres located in a pretty cobbled square lined with cafes and overlooked by ‘La Manquita’.

Parque de Malaga

While away a pleasant afternoon in this 100 year old city park, rich in lush palms and tropical plants. Follow the winding paths, or settle on one of the benches and soak up the atmosphere.

...and more nearby

Nerja Caves (50 kms from Málaga)

A timeless geological wonder. Caves are calcified into weird shapes with almost every archaeological style in evidence, courtesy of Mother Nature. Palaeolithic wall paintings, stalagmites, stalactites, skeletal remains and columns abound making these some of Europe’s best grottos.

The Raisin Museum (26 kms from Málaga)

Take a trip back in time to Almáchar's charming Raisin Museum housed in a typical Andalucian Moorish dwelling. As the name suggests, this is all about the staple of the local economy – raisins. Besides displays of masses of raisin related tools, see 1920s farming footwear, furniture and photographs showing the history of raisin making and of those who helped this industry flourish.

Montes de Málaga Natural Park (5 kms from Málaga)

This densely wooded region of pine covered mountains, waterfalls and meandering streams has five signposted walks to choose from. The 400 plant species, 90 birds, 27 mammals and 19 reptiles recorded means there is a fair chance of seeing a wealth of wildlife including chameleons, geckos, golden eagles and black and white storks.

Almayate Bajo (25 km from Málaga)

A tucked-away village ringed by sand, sea and sugar cane. Besides the beach, it is worth visiting to see its artistic monuments, rock paintings and range of extraordinary beach bars created by inventive locals. An interesting discovery nearby is the remains of a Phoenician town.

El Torcal Nature Reserve (35 kms from Málaga)

Entry to the nature reserve is via the lost-in-time village of Villanueva de la Concepción. El Torcal is riddled with limestone formations, flower covered valleys, rugged canyons and 30 varieties of orchids grow here too. A nature-lover’s heaven.

So there you have it. A selection of attractions which are every bit as interesting as their costly rivals and no need to worry about your budget!

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