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Time Flies on board with new in-flight entertainment!

14th November 2006

Travelling can be great fun, especially when you’re entertained along the way. From as little as £5 you can rent the new easy-to-use Mezzo Players including complementary headphones that enables you to watch your choice of programmes from your seat! Want to share the experience with a friend? Then buy an additional headset for £2.

Very simple to use…

Select from over 50 programmes on the easy to navigate menu and you control what you watch and when – you can even pause, fast-forward or rewind, just in case you missed a bit. Laugh along with some of the latest and best loved comedy shows including Little Britain, Phoenix Nights and The Simpson’s to name just a few. Relax with Gillian McKeith in You Are What You Eat, Gordon Ramsey in The F Word or Jeremy Clarkson in Top Gear. Chill out with some great music videos and CDs and there's a great line up for the kids too with Postman Pat, Transformers and many more.

Make sure you get your Mezzo Player...

There is only a limited number of Mezzo Players available on selected flights. If you would like to rent one and watch all your favourite programmes during your journey, ask your cabin crew if Mezzo Players will be available when you board!

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