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Toss a Coin and Wish for the Fountains Repairs

23rd July 2012 • Posted in Announcements

Rome is a city that attracts millions of visitors every year.  They flock to the city to marvel at the ancient ruins, admire the wonderful artworks and soak up the ambiance of this incredible city.  However, at the end of their breaks in the city the majority of visitors make a point of visiting the Trevi Fountain before they leave.  Folklore claims that when you stand with your back to the fountain, toss a coin into the water from over your shoulder and make a wish, you shall return to the eternal city again.

 Rome Fountain

Wishing To Be Saved

If the fountain could wish for itself it would be wishing for someone to restore its crumbling structure.  The fountain is around 280 years old and is really starting to show its age.  The stucco reliefs are cracking and crumbling and recently the head from one of the gargoyles fell off completely.  The sudden decline of the famous fountain has been blamed on the last very wet winter, but critics are claiming that the obvious decline is due to budget cuts in the funds set aside for the preservation of monuments.

See Them While You Can

The next time you are on a city break in Rome take a good look around you and note the state of repair of some of the city’s most ancient monuments, you don’t know just how much longer they will be standing.  Cheap flights to Rome are available from so book your city break in Rome soon.

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