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Tourism Stays Strong in Holiday Hotspots

23rd May 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Despite fluctuations in the economy in the UK and in other parts of the world, it is promising to see positive reports on tourism in numerous holiday hotspots.

Mallorca is just one of the countries that got a mention in the Moscow Travel and Tourism Show 2013, so tourists should be confident about booking cheap flights to the Balearic Islands.

The Moscow Travel and Tourism Show is one of the largest tourism fairs in the country, and gives other countries a chance to show what they can offer tourists during the summer and also the rest of the year. It is expected that Mallorca’s tourist levels could well increase by up to 40%, so booking cheap flights to the Balearic Islands is a great way to discover what has everyone so excited about the location.

Croatia Looking Good For 2013

Similarly, Dubrovnik has had a very strong start to 2013, with an increase during January to April compared to the same time last year. Since the height of the tourist season is yet to come, it is expected that Dubrovnik will experience a much better year than last. Tourists who don’t want to miss out on the allure of the place can take advantage of cheap flights to Dubrovnik with and have a great 2013 summer.

The combination of news from the many holiday hotspots reporting strong tourist activity is great for the industry as a whole, and tourists are encouraged to not be shy, and book cheap flights to the Balearic Islands or Dubrovnik to make the most of the summer.

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