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Tourists Get a Taste for Spanish Cuisine

28th May 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Spain is notably one of the most popular holiday destinations due to its warm weather, relaxing beaches, and such benefits as cheap flights to Barcelona. The cuisine in Spain has always been an added benefit, allowing tourists to try out different dishes and new tastes. However, reports have shown that around 5.6 million tourists were drawn to Spain by the food alone during 2012.

Spanish Cuisine

These results show that feasting on the local cuisine is fast becoming a number one factor when tourists decide to go on holiday to Spain. There is also evidence that Spanish cuisine is the second favourite as voted for by Europe. With the likes of Barcelona’s veritable network of swanky eateries and Benidorm’s range of restaurants, it might come as no surprise to say that Spain is doing well in the race to the top.

Celebrated by Famous Chefs

Comparing tourist figures in Spain and France, it also seems that more Brits are still favouring the former and continue to spend more money in the likes of Barcelona and Benidorm. Although the reasons are unclear, trends indicate that cuisine could be a factor.

The Spanish cuisine has been boosted by some of the world’s most famous chefs, giving it a certain allure and making tourists want to sample the taste for themselves. There is nothing quite like feasting on the local cuisine in the country of origin, which is why cheap flights to Barcelona from make for an excellent investment this summer.  

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