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UK Dodges Snow, Barcelona Boasts Sun

03rd June 2013 • Posted in Announcements

At the moment, the sun in the UK hasn’t seemed to last for long, with more rain and dull days on the horizon for locals. The lack of normal spring weather is always a notable factor on its own, but the fact that parts of the UK are only just dodging snow this year means the weather is worse than anticipated.

Barcelona Weather

Meanwhile, in Barcelona and other holiday destinations, temperatures are at around 20°C, and many tourists are grasping at the cheap flights to Barcelona during the spring and summer of 2013 to do their own dodging of the UK weather while they can. While temperatures are not as high as they might be in some holiday hotspots, they still boast warmth that the UK might not manage all year.

Plenty of Events to Look Out For

The changing weather reports are expected to continue within the UK. The cool temperatures so common for the UK are also expected to remain, with the added possibility of light showers of sleet and possibly snow in Wales.

The warmth in Barcelona comes at a good time, since there are many events scheduled to take place during this summer. The Formula 1 Grand Prix has just finished, and saw a few holidaymakers enjoy the experience. There are also a number of music festivals in the coming weeks that are also often experienced by tourists, so those cheap flights to Barcelona from will come in handy when budgeting for a trip to the city.

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