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Venice in June is Perfect for Two

07th June 2012 • Posted in Announcements

The Italian city of Venice is synonymous with art and romance. Cheap flights to the Marco Polo International Airport mean a quiet getaway for two is always on the cards. Whilst the grand spectacle of the St. Mark’s Festival and the Venice Carnival celebrations are some months away, an off-season Venice still has plenty to offer those seeking a quieter city-break with a twist. 

Venice Floats

A package deal from Jet2holidays means that accommodation and travel are taken care for you, and all you have to worry about is how to spend your time.

An Artistic Exhibition

A capital of the Renaissance, Venice is not so much a single city as a collection of over 100 islands, separated by an complex network of waterways and canals, and knitted together again by bridges and walkways. 

Who hasn’t dreamt of serenading a loved one under Venetian bridges? Hire a private gondola for two and sample Venetian life for yourselves – explore the length of the Grand Canal at your own pace and see this extraordinary city from a perspective all of its own.

Alternatively, indulge your inner artist and head over to the Museo Correr to catch the ongoing Gustav Klimt exhibition. The show marks the centenary of the artist’s participation in the Venice Biennale – a bi-annual Venetian arts festival attracting patrons from across the globe. This exhibition focuses upon artist Klimt’s close relationship with architecture and interior design, a study for which there can be no finer setting than Venice. 

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