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Visiting the Algarve is Good for Your Health

28th December 2012 • Posted in Announcements

The Algarve has long been known as a destination for all of the family, with everything needed for a fun and relaxing holiday; but now it is also being promoted as a destination beneficial to your overall health and well-being. 

Algarve Well Being

Those that return here year after year are already aware of the benefits the climate and lifestyle of the Algarve have on the holidaymaker, but now the benefits are to be promoted by the Association for Health and Well Being Tourism Board of Portugal.

A Boost to the Economy

It is hoped that an increase in tourism will be reflected in an upturn in the economy.  An increase in visitors to the Algarve will provide a boost not only for local businesses and tourist attractions, but also provide jobs for people who are struggling to cope in the current economy.  The tourism boards are not making an unfounded boast; there really is something about the region that does you good.  The way of life here is such that you can’t but help slow down and start to relax the moment you arrive.

Making Plans for the Summer

Summer 2013 looks to be busy for businesses on the Algarve with more people than ever wanting to take advantage of the sun, sand, sea and soothing atmosphere of this stunning part of Portugal.  If you are looking for the perfect place for your 2013 summer sunshine holiday you should check out some of the cheap flights to the Algarve offered by

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