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Water Taxi Allows Holidaymakers to Discover more of Tenerife

17th September 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Tenerife is full of exquisite coastline and beaches that just beg to be explored, but some of them can only be reached after long treks through the hills. However, a new water taxi is being offered that takes holidaymakers to one of the most ancient areas of the island – the Anaga peninsula.

Tenerife by Boat

Due to the Anaga’s position, it is surrounded by mountains and the beaches can be found at the mouths of deep valleys, which can be hard to reach without long stretches of walking. The new water taxi aims to give tourists booking cheap flights to Tenerife the opportunity to experience more of the natural Tenerife coastline, and spend time in certain areas as they aim to get to know the island a little better.

Explore Deserted Beaches

The water taxi offers a service that allows holidaymakers to take a leisurely trip along the coast, explore one of the deserted beaches or stop off to swim and explore the area’s sunken ships. There is even the opportunity to go surfing on the high surf beaches such as Almaciga or Taganana, which the taxi service has made easier for tourists to access.

It has been said that the best time to experience the water taxi service is during the middle of the week, to avoid the weekend fishermen and excursionists. This is great for those booking cheap flights to Tenerife from for short week breaks, as there is plenty of time to explore.

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