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What to Pack for the Perfect Holiday in Ibiza

22nd March 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Are you planning to head to the White Isle this summer, for a week or two of music, mayhem and magnificent sunshine? Well anyone that’s been to Ibiza to experience the summer club season will tell you that you’re in for a treat, but to make the most of your trip, you’ll need to be prepared. Here’s what to pack when taking cheap flights to Ibiza with this summer. 

Hangover Cures

Naturally, you’re going to enjoy a few cocktails at sunset, and some beers on the beach, but after a few days those refreshing beverages can start to take their toll. Make sure you bring a few hangover remedies with you to ensure that you start each day feeling fresh, and ready for fun. 


This one’s a no-brainer, but you really will be lost without a pair of trendy sunglasses after arriving on flights to Ibiza. Whether it’s shielding your eyes from the sun, or concealing those tired eyes after an unforgettable night of dancing to a world-class DJ in one of the island’s clubs, sunglasses will be your new best friend.

Comfortable Shoes

High heels and chunky wedges may look gorgeous, but you don’t want anything to slow you down while you’re enjoying the Ibiza nightlife, and especially not a blister. Cool, comfortable trainers are the only way to go for dancing the night away in Ibiza’s clubs, and flip-flops are out of the question too – those clubs can get pretty packed!

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