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When is an Island Not an Island?

05th February 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Venice is not strictly an island, yet it is a city unlike any other.  It has been used as the backdrop for many a feature film and many action films have used the canals for chases featuring everything from traditional gondolas to modern motorboats.  There is something special about this floating city that attracts visitors from the world over to float along the canals and explore the ancient cobbled streets.  This is one of those places that have something to show you or give you wherever you turn.

Island City Venice image

Port of Call

What better way is there to arrive at a city on the water than in a cruise liner?  The water theme never has to end as you tour the canals, admire the ancient bridges and glide beneath them.  Add to the beautiful surroundings the amazing culture on view in the city’s galleries and museums and you have the makings of a great holiday.  It would take far more than the one visit to venture into all of the incredible churches, explore the alleyways and tour the water ways.

Set Sail

One of the biggest appeals of the city is the lack of road traffic, which leaves the city feeling very quiet and tranquil.  The squares are perfect for people watching and you can experience all of this when you take advantage of the cheap flights to Venice available online.  So set course this summer for a holiday on the island that isn’t an island - enjoy your escape.

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