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Where is hot, hot, hot in Europe this week (definitely not, not, not the UK!)

11th January 2007

Well here at we have just the remedy, check out our pick of the top hotspots in Europe this week and think about where you would rather be. (We reckon on a beach with a cocktail in hand)!

By the way over the next 7 days the North of England will be enjoying an average 7ºC temperate, 40mph winds (we're not kidding!) and a fabulous mixture of rain and fog.

Algarve 20ºC, sunny Fly from £4.99
Lanzarote 22ºC, sunny Fly from £27.99
Malaga 21ºC, sunny Fly from £13.99
Tenerife 22ºC, sunny Fly from £13.49

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