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Winter Events Along the Turquoise Coast of Turkey

02nd November 2012 • Posted in Announcements

The Mediterranean shore of Turkey, known as the Turquoise Coast, offers nearly 1600 km of fine-sand beaches, many exciting cities, beautiful seaside resorts and gorgeous classical ruins. The water is warmer than in the Black Sea and there are better resorts than the Aegean. 

Winter Turkey image

Also you can enjoy the stunning view of the Taurus Mountains as they drop steeply towards the sea. Until the late 70s there were no continuous paved roads through these parts, but the roads have developed significantly since those days and the villages along the coast are now blossoming into excellent tourist destinations.

Try Hiking Along the Turquoise Coast

Although the hottest sunshine of the year hits the Turquoise Coast during the summer, this destination is also quite mild during the winter season. If you don’t mind the slightly cooler temperatures you will be able to avoid the crowds and get some great travel deals. 

Hiking in the Turquoise Coast is ideal in the winter as the temperature is more comfortable for exploring the many cliffs, canyons and pine tree covered hills.

There are many great things to do in the lovely villages and towns along the Turquoise coast. Here are a few examples of fun festivals you can enjoy within this region:

• One of the best events in the village of Bodrum is New Year’s Eve, which is celebrated with food, dancing, music and much merriment.

• Bodrum also hosts the festival of Sacrifice in February, which is a somewhat gruesome four day event which honours the sacrifice of Abraham for Isaac. Festival activities include killing a sheep and then feasting on it.

• There is also the Irish film festival which takes place at the ancient theatre in the town of Kas in the first week of November.

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