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Booking Errors

We can’t accept responsibility if you make an error when entering your details for an online booking. When a booking is completed, those seats are immediately removed from our sales inventory and are no longer on sale. You can correct errors, change dates and names on your booking in accordance with our normal change policy. For more information on changes, please see Changes to Bookings and Cancellations.

Jet2.com is a non-refundable airline, but we do understand that unintentional booking mistakes can sometimes happen. At our discretion, we may consider a refund if tell us about the error by contacting our Call Centre within 24 hours of booking.

The Facts
  • We don’t accept responsibility for customer errors on online bookings.
  • You can change dates and names on your booking by paying a fee.
  • If you made a booking by mistake, we may consider a refund if you tell us within 24 hours.