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On Board the Aircraft

Seating on Board
We understand that customers who require assisted travel or suffer from certain medical conditions may benefit from being allocated a specific seat on board the aircraft. Please contact our Assisted Travel Team and we will do our best to allocate you a seat free of charge that best meets your needs.

If you need walking aids or have limited mobility, due to safety regulations you may not be able to sit in an aisle seat, and you may be asked to sit in either a window seat or a middle seat if you are travelling with a companion.

Because all of our extra legroom seats are classed as emergency exit rows, we are unable to offer extra legroom seats to assistance customers.

Onboard Wheelchairs (Aisle Chairs)
The majority of our aircraft are equipped with aisle chairs as standard. If you need to guarantee that an aisle chair will be available on your aircraft, please contact our Assisted Travel Team before you travel.

Disability Harnesses / Support Seats
Customers who are unable to sit upright in an aircraft seat without assistance need to provide their own harness or support seat for use on board.

Due to the variety of harnesses and supports available on the market, you must contact our Assisted Travel Team in advance of travel so we can check whether your harness is compatible with our aircraft seats.

The harness must be fitted by a carer and must not stop you from using the aircraft seat belt.

A non-emergency exit window seat will be allocated to any customer who needs a harness or support. Should the harness or support fasten around the back of the seat, for safety reasons we will either allocate a seat at the rear of the aircraft or leave the seat immediately behind vacant. For this reason, please contact our Assisted Travel Team as early as possible talk about your requirements in detail.

Able Move Travel Seat
To assist customers with reduced mobility manoeuvre into/out of their allocated seat, we accept the use of the ‘Able Move Travel Seat’ (also known as ‘Easy Travel Seat’) on board our aircraft.

The Facts
  • You will need to provide your own harness or support seat.
  • This must be fitted by a carer.
  • Please contact our Assisted Travel Team so we can check your requirements.