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Child / Infant Equipment

If you’re travelling with an infant or child, a collapsible pushchair and/or a car seat and/or a travel cot can be carried in the hold free of charge, as long as the total weight of these items doesn’t exceed 10kg. This allowance is per infant or child, and anything exceeding this will be charged for in line with our excess baggage policy, subject to space and availability. Please see the Hold baggage allowance & excess baggage section of these FAQs for more information. This allowance is separate to our free infant baggage allowance, which you can find out more about here.

Travel Cots
You’ll need to check any travel cots into the plane’s hold at the Jet2.com check-in desk.


Lightweight, collapsible pushchairs/buggies up to a maximum weight of 10kg can be carried free of charge, strictly on a limited release basis. Additional weight will be subject to standard excess baggage charges. No single item may weigh more than 32kg.   

For your family’s convenience, and subject to local conditions, collapsible pushchairs/buggies can be used until you reach the plane steps/airbridge, and can be reclaimed immediately when you’re off the plane or at baggage reclaim, subject to local conditions. 

Car Seats
You can check in car seats up to 10kg into the hold for free. If you check in a car seat over 10kg, you’ll be charged our standard excess baggage rate of £12. Alternatively, if your car seat is for a travelling infant aged between 0 and 2 years old and is suitable for use onboard our planes, it can be taken onboard. If you’d like to use your own infant car seat, you must pay for a separate seat onboard the plane, which will be charged at the appropriate fare.

Before paying for a seat onboard, please see the checklist below to make sure your infant car seat meets all the required criteria. For safety reasons, it must:

  • Be for an infant aged between 0 and 2 years old.
  • Be European standard. This is normally marked with the reference ECE R 44-03 (the numbers 03 can be replaced with a later version 04/05 etc).
  • Be able to be secured using only a lap strap. The lap strap must only be used to secure the car seat to the plane seat and mustn’t be installed over the infant.
  • Have its manufacturer’s instructions available, that state the car seat is suitable for air travel and can be secured using only a lap strap. Please check these before travelling and have them on hand so cabin crew can check them if necessary.
  • Be no wider than 42cm. Please note, our plane seats are 43cm deep, 44cm wide and 70.5cm high.
  • Be fitted with a single release-type harness that can’t be easily released by the infant. The harness should at least secure the infant’s lap, chest and shoulders.
  • Be placed in a window seat wherever possible.
  • Be the only car seat on the row segment onboard.
  • Be forward or rear facing.

If you want to use your own infant car seat, you must buy a seat on the plane, which will be charged at the appropriate fare. Due to the variety of infant car seats available, we can’t guarantee in advance that any particular seat is suitable for use onboard. In the interests of safety, Jet2.com reserves the right to refuse permission for the use of certain types of car seats on the plane or during take-off and landing. In these circumstances, the infant must be carried on the adult’s lap.