How to wear a face mask

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How to wear a face mask

As per the latest government rules, it’s an absolute must to wear a face mask while you’re travelling. Travel safe and smart by getting the right type of mask and making sure you know how to wear it correctly before you take off. If you fail to wear a face mask, you’ll be breaking the law and could be fined.

Remember, you’ll need to wear your mask…

  • Before you enter the airport
  • In the airport
  • On your flights
  • On your transfers
  • Possibly in parts of your hotel
  • Around your holiday resort if local laws say so

While you’re travelling, you can only take off your mask when we ask to ID you at the boarding gate and to eat and drink. But remember, you must put it straight back on when you’ve finished.

Remember, everyone needs to wear a face mask apart from children under six years old and people that can’t wear a mask for medical reasons. There may be some destination specific information you need to know about face masks too, so please check the FCDO website.


Your step-by-step guide to wearing a face mask