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Allocated Seating & Extra Legroom

How can I be sure that my party are seated together?

In order to guarantee that you and your party will be seated together, we recommend that you pre-select your seats on-line by paying the appropriate charge (Please note standard seat prices vary depending on seat location on the aircraft). Alternatively, seats will be allocated at check-in, on a first come - first served basis. Note that emergency exit seats are only suitable for able-bodied adults (aged 14 years or over).

If you need an extra seat for comfort or perhaps to accommodate a musical instrument (always subject to airport security regulations permitting on the day of travel), please make the additional seat booking using the first name "extraseat" together with your own last name e.g. "extraseat Smith". After booking remember to pre-allocate your seats to ensure both seats are together. When checking in on-line it is important to print off both boarding passes and show them at the Boarding Gate.

Do you offer extra leg room seats / emergency exit seats?

Yes we do offer extra leg room seats on all our aircraft. These seats are clearly marked on our seat maps during the booking process and are generally located towards the front of the aircraft and alongside the wing exits, towards the middle of the aircraft. Seats can be booked on-line or, subject to availability, requested at check-in, for a small, locally payable charge per flight. The charge is variable depending on the flight.
Where seats are shown as emergency exit seats, please be advised that for safety reasons, any customers selecting these seats must meet regulations that have been put in place by the European Aviation Safety Authority (EASA).

Customers who are not eligible to sit in these seats include:

- Children under the age of 14 years
- Expectant mothers
- Disabled customers
- Any customer with a physical or mental impairment
- Customers requiring a seat belt extension
- Customers suffering a medical condition or injury

Any customers selecting these seats must be fully able-bodied adults and be able to operate the emergency doors if required to assist in the event of an emergency. We reserve the right to move any customers who our cabin crew feel are unsuitable for exit row seats.

Can I change my seats once I have booked and paid for them?

Yes, however you will need to pay the relevant seat charges to change them. If you have already checked in on-line then no further changes are permitted.