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Can I take my own hot food and drinks on board?

You may not bring hot food or hot drinks on board the aircraft. However we do offer a great selection of food and drinks to purchase on board, or why not pre-book yourself one of our tasty meals for your next flight.

Can I book a meal on one flight sector only if I have a return flight booked?

Yes, you can book your meal for just one sector either at the time of booking your flights during the on-line booking service or by using the ‘Manage my booking’ section of the website.

Do you offer children's meals?

We do! Whilst these meals are clearly unsuitable for babies and very young children, they may be purchased at parents discretion and are suggested as suitable for children of 3 years of age and upwards. On morning flights children will be served with a delicious breakfast with cold accompaniments. Flights departing later will receive a hot main meal, served with additional snack items.

What will my pre-booked in flight meal consist of?

When you choose to pre-book an in-flight meal, you will get to select a main course of your choice from our menu. You will also get a selection of accompaniments and a free drink. For more information, please visit //

Are you able to cater for individual dietary needs?

We are able to offer vegetarian alternatives for customers who specify this at the time booking. Unfortunately, due to operational restrictions we are unable to offer vegan, diabetic, gluten-free, kosher and nut-restricted meals.

I've booked an in-flight meal but have changed my mind, can I have a refund?

In-flight meal bookings are non refundable, but where customers are transferring their flight to a later date, providing we have 96 hours notice of this, the in-flight meal can also be transferred.

What happens if I do not receive my pre-booked meal on-board?

If for any reason you do not receive your pre-booked meal, please inform a member of cabin crew and then write to us and we will refund the cost of your meal.

Do you offer refreshments onboard?

On most flights we offer you a comprehensive choice of hot or cold drinks as well as a selection of appetizing snacks including sandwiches and confectionery at very reasonable prices.

Do you have an onboard shop?

Our Cabin Crew will be delighted to offer you a fantastic range of tax paid goods from our Skyshop, including fragrances, cosmetics, jewellery and gifts at low cost prices - take advantage of our great savings against high street prices!

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Can I pre-order champagne?

Yes you can pre-order your champagne on-line or via our call centre.

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Do you have an in-flight magazine?

Yes, our magazine is Jetaway , please click here to view //

Can I use my laptop, MP3 Player or DVD player on board?

Once the aircraft is at cruising altitude and the Captain has turned off the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign, you are free to use laptops and most other electronic items. However for safety reasons, mobile phones can not be used for internet access, text messaging or voice calls whilst on board. Any device with wireless communication e.g. Mobile Phones, XCA, Blackberry handheld, must be switched to Flight mode or equivalent before take off to prevent transmission or reception. If your wireless communication device does not have a Flight Mode then we regret that you are not able to use this onboard. Further restrictions may apply at the discretion of the crew and/or Captain.

Can I smoke on board or consume my own alcoholic drinks?

For safety reasons smoking on all flights is strictly prohibited. Only alcoholic drinks purchased on board may be consumed during the flight. reserves the right to serve alcoholic drinks to customers at our absolute discretion.

Can I use electronic cigarettes?

We do not permit the use of electronic cigarettes on board any of our flights.

Conduct on board

The Captain of the aircraft retains absolute discretion to (as appropriate) refuse to allow a customer to board, or deal with customers on board whom he believes are misbehaving, acting disruptively, or otherwise endangering or inconveniencing other customers or members of the flight or cabin crew. Anyone falling foul of this provision shall be liable to indemnify us in full against any liability or loss we may suffer as a result. In addition, they may be prevented from flying with us in the future.

Refusal to carry will refuse to carry, or will remove en route by diverting the aircraft, any person, if in the opinion of the representative or the aircraft Captain, such action is necessary because one of the following has happened or we reasonably believe may happen:

  • Safety or security is breached
  • To prevent violation of any applicable laws, regulations, or orders of Nation or Country to be flown from, into or over
  • The conduct, status, age or mental or physical condition of the person is such as to render him/her incapable of caring for him/her self without special assistance. will endeavour to obtain supporting medical evidence, where appropriate.
  • Cause discomfort or make him/her self objectionable to other customers, staff or crew.
  • Pose any hazard or risk to him/her self or to any other persons or to property.
  • He/she fails to observe instructions of staff or Handling Agents.
  • Any person presenting him/her self for travel, who is deemed to fall into one of the above categories, must be referred to the representative, who shall exercise discretion as to whether to exclude such a person from the flight.
  • Inability to prove identity in accordance with our requirements (click here)
  • Not medically fit to fly

Endangering safety - policy will not permit any person to enter, or be in an aircraft when suspected of being under the influence of alcohol or drugs to the extent that the safety of the aircraft or its occupants are likely to be endangered. will not permit any person(s) to act recklessly or negligently so as to endanger an aircraft or person(s) therein. will pursue a vigorous policy with the use of Law enforcement agencies towards any person who, in the opinion of the aircraft Captain, endangers the safety of the aircraft. This includes the possible diversion of the aircraft to offload an individual. Any costs involved in the diversion of the aircraft will be recharged to the individual concerned. will support the decision of its staff and/or its authorised agents to refuse embarkation to any person acting in any one of the above conditions.