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Why didn't I get an on-screen booking confirmation?

Occasionally, these do not appear, despite the booking completing. Please check your email inbox as an email confirmation should be received within 30 minutes.

What should I do if I don't receive my confirmation within 30 minutes?

You should contact the call centre and they will be able to check if your booking has gone through. Do not attempt to make a second booking without contacting the call centre in the first instance, otherwise you may be liable for the cost of a duplicate booking.

Why haven't I received an email confirmation?

Email confirmations are automatically generated by our booking system following successful completion of the booking process and should be received within 30 minutes.

There can be several reasons why an email confirmation has not been received. Sometimes a wrong or incorrectly spelt email address has mistakenly been entered. If you have “spam” filtering on your email account, our email might not get to you. To overcome this, before starting your booking, please add to your list of trusted domains, sometimes referred to as the “white list”. Setting your email spam filter to receive email from will ensure safe delivery to your inbox. This will help prevent your email booking confirmation from being blocked or classified as spam.

Help! I have made a mistake when making my booking. What can I do?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept responsibility for errors made by our customers when keying their details into a booking made on-line. When a booking is completed, those seats are immediately removed from our sales inventory and are, therefore, no longer on sale. Dates and names on the booking may be changed in accordance with our normal change policy. is a non-refundable airline. However, we do understand that unintentional booking mistakes can happen and, strictly, at our discretion, based on individual circumstances, we may consider a refund provided:

  • the error is brought to our attention by ringing our Call Centre, and confirming in writing/email, within 24 hours of booking, and
  • if a discretionary refund is offered, we will require your agreement, in writing/email, to the payment of 40GBP/ 52EUR/ 78CHF/ 1420CZK/ 225PLN administration fee.

Whilst the discretionary refund is being processed, you must be aware that fares may increase for the booking you subsequently may choose to make.

I am nervous about entering my payment card details. Will my booking be secure?

You can book with every confidence with To ensure the security of your payment card information we use the latest Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. If your browser supports SSL, please select the Secure Mode option when confirming your booking. If you are restricted by the capabilities of your browser then you can use the non-secure mode but we recommend that you upgrade to the latest version of any browser to give you extra reassurance during any further transactions.

Why wasn't my payment card accepted?

Most often this is because the wrong number or expiry date was entered. If you see a decline error message and believe your card should not have been declined (and have sufficient funds available), please close the error message window, return to and try to resubmit your request, double-checking each digit entered.

Some card issuers are now declining cards if the billing address details are incorrect. Please ensure that these details are accurate, particularly that digits entered e.g. house number, postcode, is correct.

If these are not the reason for the rejection, we recommend you use an alternative payment card or contact your card issuer.

I clicked on the final button on the payment page but nothing has happened. What should I do?

There is often a delay before the confirmation page appears and a booking reference is displayed as the final payment page takes the longest to process. Usually it takes less than 30 seconds but during busy times, it can take longer. If nothing has happened within 5 minutes and for ANY reason you do not receive your email booking confirmation after 30 minutes, please contact our Call Centre and we will confirm whether your booking has been successful and generate a further email confirmation. Alternatively, if your booking has failed you will be advised so you know you are free to re-book your flights.

How can I make sure I hear about special offers and new routes etc?

The best way to be one of the first to hear about any promotions, new routes, and schedule launches is to subscribe to emails. Simply visit to subscribe your email address.

In future, we may provide an SMS (text messaging) service, to inform you of new routes, special offers and much more! If you are interested in receiving this service, please provide your mobile number with your subscription above.

I have subscribed to emails but I have not received an email from you or it has been classified as spam?

In order to ensure you receive our emails, you will need to set your email spam filter to receive emails from both and to ensure safe delivery to your inbox. This will help prevent your email booking confirmation & promotional mailings from being blocked or classified as spam.
If you'd like to 'delist' mail so it does not get tagged as spam you may also be able to do the following:

  • Login to your webmail client
  • Find the most recent email that was tagged as spam
  • Select the tick box next to the email
  • At the top of the page there may be a button titled 'not spam' or similar - click on this button
  • This will notify your mail client that you consider emails to be valid. This should allow future emails from and help prevent them from being classified as spam.

How can I unsubscribe from emails?

To unsubscribe from promotional emails please click here