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Food Allergies

Nut Allergies
Jet2.com no longer serve nut-based products onboard, but we can’t guarantee that other customers won’t bring their own nut products. However, if Cabin Crew are made aware of a nut allergy sufferer, they will announce to passengers at the beginning of the flight that there’s someone on the plane with a nut allergy. They will also tell customers not to eat any nut-based food during the flight. If you have a nut allergy, please let us know at the time of booking and let the Cabin Crew know when boarding your flight.

Severe Allergies
If you have any severe allergy, please make our team aware of this at the time of booking and also mention this to the Cabin Crew on boarding the aircraft. If you carry medication for a severe allergy, such as an EpiPen, it is very important that you bring this with you on board the aircraft. If we are made aware of a severe allergy and you are not carrying your required medication, you may be refused travel.

Onboard Catering Service
We’re unable to change or remove products that are available to buy onboard due to food allergies (for example, egg). Pre-order meals and sandwiches will be served as normal. We also can’t guarantee that other customers won’t bring their own products onboard.

To check what we’ll be serving before you fly, an allergens guide for all our pre-order meals and sandwiches can be found here. You can also see our in-flight menu here - please check the packaging onboard for the latest allergen information.​