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What ID do I need on domestic flights, flights to the Channel Islands and flights between the Uk & Eire?

For domestic flights, flights to the Channel Islands and flights to Eire anyone aged 16 or over must present valid photographic identification. Jet2.com recommends you travel with a valid passport on these flights but will accept one of the following as an alternative, providing it includes a photograph and is valid on the date of travel:

  • EU or Swiss national ID card
  • CitizenCard
  • Driving licence
  • Student ID card (international, National Union of Students or University/College ID)
  • Armed forces ID card
  • Police warrant card/badge
  • Airport employees security ID pass
  • Government issued ID card
  • Official Company ID card
  • Electoral ID card (EIC issued to eligible N Ireland citizens)
  • UK Council issued bus pass (Senior Citizens only)
  • Fire Arms certificate

We will also permit an expired UK passport for use on domestic flights for up to two years after expiry. A child travelling with an adult on a UK domestic flight does not require additional ID. Unaccompanied young persons aged 14-16 must carry photographic ID on UK domestic flights.