Terms & Conditions for Group Leaders/Bookers

Terms (Excluding Transatlantic Flights)

  • Any booking on a flight for a group of 10 passengers or more will be subject to these Standard Group Terms and Conditions.
  • These additional Terms and Conditions are strictly between (We, Us, Its) and the nominated Group Leaders/Bookers (You, Your) named on this form for each group booking. Up to 2 nominated Group Leaders/Bookers may be notified for each group booking.
  • You must give all passengers (a) copy of the itinerary/receipt or (b) another travel document approved in advance by You are responsible for compliance with all relevant laws and regulations, including any licensing or bonding requirements.
  • All carriage by is subject to Conditions of Carriage for Passengers and Baggage and our Carrier’s Regulations, which You accept on behalf of passengers, as You do these Standard Group Terms and Conditions, when You make a booking for them. Our Conditions of Carriage and Carrier's Regulations may be obtained from on request.

Terms (Transatlantic Flights)

  • New York Groups - Cancellations are not permitted at any time and are subject to 100% full payment with any outstanding balance due also payable.

Deposit and Payment

  • A 30GBP/ 40EUR/ 48CHF/ 990CZK/ 180PLN/ 11,310HUF non-refundable & non-transferable deposit per person is required at the time of booking unless the booking is made within 10 weeks of departure. If this is the case, payment must be paid in full at the time of booking.
  • The full amount is due 10 weeks prior to scheduled departure or on booking, if later. Payment can be made before this date, however please note that is a non-refundable airline.
  • If full payment is not received within 10 weeks of the scheduled departure date, we reserve the right to cancel the booking and retain the deposit.
  • All group bookings accepted on or after 2nd October 2013 by credit or debit card will automatically have their balance taken from their initial card, 10 weeks prior to departure.
    i.e. group balance due 5th June 2014, we will take the balance on 6th June 2014, this will allow for any final amendments to the booking.

Changes & Cancellation (Excluding Transatlantic Flights)

  • Should You wish to cancel previously reserved seats; You may do so at the loss of deposit and any other prepaid sums. This procedure must be done, no later than 10 weeks prior to departure. Group reductions cannot be made within 10 weeks of departure. To cancel passengers please email to update the booking, no later than 10 weeks prior to departure.
  • Once Your booking is confirmed and You are given a booking reference (PNR), You may change the date or time of the flight. This will be subject to availability of the new dates/times, administration fees and the uplift in fare. Please contact our Pre Travel Services Team on 0333 300 0737 to discuss your requirements.
  • You must supply with names of all passengers at least 15 days prior to scheduled departure. will treat names supplied after this time as name changes. All name changes between 15 days and up to 24 hours to scheduled departure will be subject to an administration fee of 35GBP/ 45EUR/ 58CHF/ 1060CZK/ 175PLN per person per sector. You may not change names within 24 hours of scheduled departure.
  • You can now add passengers to your group booking. A deposit payment of GBP 30.00 per passenger is required at the time of booking (Unless the additional booking is made within 10 weeks of departure, in which case full balance will be due). Please call our groups team on 0800 408 0779 for the current group fare & for further information.
  • Should You wish to cancel previously reserved seats; You may do so at the loss of deposit. This procedure must be done, no later than 10 weeks prior to departure. Group reductions cannot be made within 10 weeks of departure.To cancel passengers please email to update the booking, no later than 10 weeks prior to departure. Please note, if you have a booking to which passengers have been added, the lower price fare will be cancelled first.

Changes & Cancellation (Transatlantic Flights)

  • New York Groups - Cancellations are not permitted at any time and are subject to 100% full payment with any outstanding balance also payable.

Reserved Seating, Check-in and Baggage Allowance

  • Our 'Groups Reserved Seating' commences from row 15 back (subject to availability). If you wish to book seats nearer to the front of the aircraft, please book & pay for these seats online or contact our Groups after sales team on 0800 408 0779 option 2.
  • Due to security measures which can be imposed at short notice, it is essential that you check the website for up-to-date baggage allowance information before travel. For UK departing passengers, further information can be found at
  • Each travelling fare paying passenger is permitted up to a total of 22kg of checked baggage weight. All Checked Baggage is subject to a fee, the level of which depends on whether you have pre booked the baggage or whether you book the baggage at the airport. Specific rates are available upon request from us or our Authorised Agents and will be charged at the prevailing rate. If the combined total weight of all bags is more than 22kg you will incur an excess baggage charge at the airport, in addition to the individual bag charge. No single bag can weigh more than 32kg. Separate charges will apply for carriage of all outsize and sporting goods. All charge rates are available on the Questions section of our website, on display at our Airport Sales Desks or from us upon request.
  • Passengers must check-in for their flights in accordance with the itinerary and our "Carrier's Regulations". may refuse to accept late passengers for boarding and no refund will be made under these circumstances.
  • Each travelling passenger is entitled to 22kg of checked baggage, please see above, and one item of hand baggage not in excess of 10kg weight and 56x45x25cm. size. Any baggage over these limits will be charged at's standard rate on the day of departure. Other conditions apply in respect of baggage as provided in the itinerary and Carrier's Regulations.
  • Outsized items
    Many items of sporting equipment, including but not limited to golf clubs, bicycles, surfboards, water and winter sports equipment, are inherently unsuitable for carriage by a low cost airline operating fast turnarounds. However, is prepared to carry such items (one item per travelling passenger) on a 'Limited Release' basis i.e. entirely 'at your own risk' for loss, damage or delay.
  • Please note that pre-booked items, such as meals, luggage and sports equipment, are non-refundable.
  • Passengers must, therefore, ensure that they have suitable private insurance cover in place, as claims against for damage in transit to these items will not be considered.
  • Once you have checked in online – no further changes are permitted to the group booking.

Travelling with Infants

  • Infants under the age of 2 years (on the date of departure of the flight concerned) may fly for a small admin charge per flight at the prevailing rate, provided they sit on the knee of a fare paying adult who has responsibility for that infant. As such, two infants could only travel with two adults who are responsible for their welfare etc. Please note that infants travelling for a small admin charge do not have their own baggage allowance. For children older than 2 years, the price of flights is the same as for adults and it is a safety requirement that they occupy their own seat for take off and landing and when the seatbelt sign is displayed. The minimum age for an infant to be carried by is 14 days after birth, however, carriage of very young infants is always strictly at our discretion.

Flight Changes

  • reserves the right to alter Our schedules from time to time. Therefore, all flights are subject to change and any information regarding such changes will be passed to the booker or the booking agent named on this form. It is Your responsibility to inform the group of any schedule changes.

Mobility Assistance and special medical needs

  • For safety reasons We only have a limited number of places available for passengers with mobility assistance needs. Therefore, to avoid disappointment You must request assistance as early as possible and always within 48hours of departure. Places are filled strictly on a first come, first served basis. Assistance onto the aircraft and/or to the aircraft seat is only available to passengers who are Registered Disabled. Mobility aids up to 32kg total weight for each assisted place. Special restrictions apply to motorised wheelchairs and these are shown on the "Questions" pages of our website. Motorised aids which do not meet the criteria we set will not be accepted.
  • must be notified by You of any passenger’s special needs, for example, expectant mothers or passengers with a chronic medical condition, at the time of making the booking. This must be done by contacting Us so we have sufficient time to make an assessment of the passenger’s fitness to fly.

Conduct on Board Aircraft and at Airport and Safety

You must behave appropriately at all times whilst in the airport and on board the aircraft. In particular (but not limited to these examples) you must not:

  • contravene any applicable law (e.g. by being drunk on board an aircraft);
  • conduct yourself aboard the aircraft so as to endanger the aircraft or any person or property on board;
  • obstruct the crew in the performance of their duties;
  • fail to comply with any instruction of the crew;
  • use any threatening, abusive or insulting words or actions towards the crew or other passengers;
  • behave in a disorderly manner or in a manner to which other Passengers may reasonably object;
  • fail to comply with the terms of any document signed by you following contravention of one or more of the preceding conditions on a previous flight with us.

If, in our reasonable opinion, you have failed to behave appropriately either in the airport or on board the aircraft:

  • you may be prosecuted for offences committed on board the aircraft and you will indemnify us for all costs arising from your improper conduct on board the aircraft;
  • we may decide (in our reasonable discretion) to cancel your flight prior to take-off and/or, after take-off, divert the aircraft to offload you, in which case you must pay to us all costs which we incur of any nature whatsoever as a result of or arising out of that diversion;
  • we may decide to cancel any return flight or other future flights you have with us, without refund;
  • we may take any other measures we deem necessary to prevent continuation of your inappropriate conduct, including your restraint or removal from the aircraft or airport.

In all of the above circumstances, you shall not be refunded the price of your booking, and we shall not be liable for any costs you incur as a result of us refusing carriage.

We reserve the right to request that you undertake a breath test procedure at any time prior to travel. If you either refuse to take the test or fail the test, we reserve the right to refuse you permission to travel. Notwithstanding this right, even if you pass the test we still remain entitled to act in accordance with the above clause in our absolute discretion.

Only alcoholic drinks purchased on board may be consumed during the flight. reserves the right to serve alcoholic drinks to customers at our absolute discretion.

Refusal to Carry and Removal of Passengers

In addition to the above, we may refuse to carry you or your baggage in the following circumstances:

  • such action is necessary for reasons of safety and/or security and/or to comply with any applicable laws, regulations or orders of any country to be flown from, into or over including laws or regulations relating to Advance Passenger Information requirements;
  • your conduct, status, age or mental or physical condition or the physical condition of your baggage is such as to require our special assistance (save where the "Special Assistance" provisions of these Terms and Conditions apply), or to cause harm, discomfort or make yourself objectionable to other passengers or crew; or involve any hazard or risk to yourself or other persons or to property;
  • you have committed misconduct on a previous flight and such conduct may be repeated;
  • you have refused to submit to a security check or you have not observed, or may fail to observe, instructions with respect to safety or security;
  • the applicable fare or any charges or taxes payable have not been paid, or credit arrangements agreed between us and you (or the person paying the fare) have not been complied with;
  • you do not appear to be properly documented or any of our documentation presented by you appears to have been acquired unlawfully, or reported as being lost or stolen, or counterfeit, or altered by anyone other than us or our authorised agent, or mutilated, it being understood by you that we have no duty to make any enquiries when determining whether to permit you to travel, and that we have the right to retain such documentation;

Please note that the Groups terms & conditions are in addition to the standard terms and conditions available on our website or via the following link: