Gouvia is one of the largest and most popular resorts in Corfu. It is home to Corfu's main marina and you can watch the large yachts sailing in and out of the harbour. The resort has a strong maritime history with the grand arches of the old Venetian Shipyard still standing today.

There are several sand, shingle and pebble beaches in Gouvia with warm, clear water, most offering a huge range of water sports including paragliding and diving. There is also the Lagoon, a public leisure and pool complex which is great for fun in the water without the sand.

Away from the beach you can explore the lush hills and olive groves on horse back where you can witness some fantastic views across the resort, or else take a walk in the centre of Gouvia and visit Ipapanti Church.

Gouvia has a good range of shops, second only to those of Corfu Town, as well as some great restaurants serving anything from Greek, English, Italian and Chinese food. One of the best is Aries Taverna serving authentic Greek food in huge portions.

After dinner you can take advantage of a lively and varied nightlife with a large range of tavernas, bars and clubs to choose from serving delicious cocktails, cheap beer and some great music.

Things to do

Venetian Shipyard

Gouvia has a rich seafaring history with the main marina of Corfu still being located here. The Venetian Shipyard is further evidence of Gouvia's maritime past with the grand stone arches still standing and impressive views; the shipyard is a great place to spend a sunny afternoon.


The Lagoon is an impressive public leisure and pool complex. If you get bored of entertaining the kids on the beach then head here where they can swim in the pools and under the waterfall, while mum relaxes on a sun lounger and dad props up the bar.

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