Synonymous with parties and nightlife, Malia, located along the North coast of Crete, has long been a favourite for those looking to dance away their holiday. With every other place seeming to be a pub or disco Malia enjoys both lively days and nights with a long sandy beach surrounded by restaurants and shops catering for your every need.

If partying isn’t for you though then you can visit Malia’s Old Town instead which has retained its character and charm due to its location away from the main party areas by the sea.

It isn’t hard to find somewhere to eat out with restaurants catering for every taste from traditional Greek cuisine to old fashioned English grub.

Things to do

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Malia is the nightlife capital of Crete with an array of venues to choose from what ever your taste. Visit Corkers Nightclub, one of the best clubs in Malia, with top DJs, music and light effects before moving on to Factory one of the best clubs on Beach Road for all of your favourite kinds of music.

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