The busy capital of Sardinia, Cagliari is a must visit for any holidaymakers coming to the island. It boasts plenty of historical monuments to visit such as the cathedral and the spectacular amphitheatre.

Take a walk round the Castello area which is the old part of the city and you will find the castle with its two towers; St Pancras Tower and the Elephant tower. From the hill you are met with fantastic views of the city and its many lime stone buildings. There are other smaller villages within the town like Marina and Villanova which are worth a visit to get a taste for the more traditional way of life in Sardinia and make a great place to enjoy a relaxing meal.

Fish and sea food are specialties of Cagliari and these should be washed down with locally produced wine from the nearby Campidano plain vineyards. During the day take advantage of Poetto beach which stretches across 13 km. The Roman Amphitheatre is definitely worth a visit and is one of Sardinia’s historical highlights.

If you are visiting Sardinia during the Summer months then you can enjoy one of the open-air concerts staged at the Amphitheatre – a perfect way to wind down in the warm balmy evening. Cagliari is also great for hiking, sailing and outdoor sports which can be enjoyed on the islands beautiful beaches.

Things to do

Parco Dei Sette Fratelli

Parco Dei Sette Fratelli translates as the Seven Brothers Park and is set in picturesque area of countryside alongside the Orientale Sarda Route which connects Cagliari with Castiadas. The Cannas River runs through the canyon in this protected area of forest. Here you can enjoy a scenic walk through the willow trees and maybe even spot a wild boar or rare Sardinian deer along the way.

Su Nuraxi

Located in Barumini which is part of the Cagliari province this fortress is a very popular sightseeing attraction amongst visitors to the island. Stroll around the quaint courtyard where you will find the central well and can climb up the central main tower, making sure not to miss the impressive oval shaped ZZ room.

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