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Some time with our new Trade Sales Team before they hit the road

Published: Wed 23 Nov 2016 at 11:04

Updated: Wed 23 Nov 2016 at 11:11


Last week we gave details of the dozen and Jet2holidays Cabin Crew and Overseas Representatives who are about to spend 5 weeks on the road, taking the message to travel agents across our bases about our partnership approach so that they can grow their businesses.

This week the team has been in our Leeds Office, spending time with the Trade Sales Team to learn everything about our partnership to success approach before hitting the road. They’ve got to know lots, and we’ve got to learn a lot about them too. We thought we’d share a bit more detail just in case you meet them over the course of the next few weeks.

The team is: Carly Beggs, Shelley Bell, Louise Bragan, Elizabeth Cullen, Jen Howlett, Elaine Irvine, Perry Keeley, Gareth Leckey, Damian McGrath, Claire Moran, Ashleigh Morse and Mandy Orr, and they are pictured here with Helen Parry and Simon Marshall from our Trade Sales Team.

Individually and collectively they will be bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience to travel agents, and as well as this, some of them have very interesting stories to tell!

For example, Carly Beggs once managed to have a selfie taken with Barack Obama. Gareth Leckey is a self-confessed sleepwalker and once arranged his shoes whilst fast asleep. One of the team, Louise Bragan, holds a Guinness World Record for drumming and Shelley Bell is a former Miss Leeds. Finally, Perry Keeley was once chased whilst out jogging in Australia… by a kangaroo. Even worse, the kangaroo caught him and kicked him on the leg! Thankfully there was no damage done and Perry managed to get away from his assailant.

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