Allocated Seating

At there's no scramble to get a seat when you board.

Allocated Seating Explained

We allocate our customers a seat before they check in. But we also offer the option to choose where you and your party would like to sit for a small charge, including the additional choice of super-comfy extra legroom.

But remember: you can't choose seats after you have checked-in!

Choose your seats now

Choosing your seats is simple – at the time of booking or when managing your booking, select the seat for the passenger whose name is highlighted. The outbound seat will then turn green when selected. Once everyone has done this, you can all then choose your inbound seats. Easy, right? We’ve outlined this in Manage My Booking for you too.

Travelling with infants? Seats that are suitable for infants will be labelled with a baby icon. The infant's carer must choose an infant-friendly seat to sit the baby on their lap for safety reasons. These seats are complimentary, but there’ll be a small charge for any additional party members who wish to select seats.

You’ll find a seat map and key on the same page, while you’re booking.

(Please note: standard seat prices vary depending on seat location on the aircraft.)

What if I have already booked my flight?

If you have a live flight booking, you can choose your seats in the Manage My Booking section.

Manage My Booking