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Get a huge 22kg checked-in
baggage allowance!**charges apply
Save up to 50% on airport prices

We give you a whopping 22kg allowance for every checked-in bag. That’s up to a third more than some other airlines!

Our 22kg baggage allowance gives you plenty of room for extra outfits, holiday essentials and even souvenirs. Plus, it’s perfect for large liquids too as you can only carry 100ml per item in your hand baggage.

Top tips for baggage

Managing your baggage can be really confusing, so we have created a friendly guide to help customers sail through check-in and boarding easily. Remember: it's always cheaper to book your baggage before you get to the airport. You can book with your flight or if you already have flights you can use the manage my booking service online.

For more information on our baggage policy please visit our baggage FAQs section

Passenger Selection

10kg hand baggage allowance

Hand baggage is only ideal for the things you need during your flight.

  • You can take one piece of hand baggage onboard
    A maximum weight of 10kg applies. If you need more, it’s best to book a 22kg checked-in bag.
  • Hand baggage must be no bigger than 56 x 45 x 25cm
    With a checked-in bag you’ll have much more space.
  • Liquids, creams and gels must be no larger than 100ml
    You can only carry liquids larger than 100ml in checked-in bags.
Passenger Selection

22kg checked-in baggage allowance*

Our 22kg checked-in bags are perfect for bringing all the outfits and little luxuries you need for a great trip. Plus, you’ll have plenty of space to bring back shopping and souvenirs!

  • You can take up to three 22kg checked-in bags per person
    Making a total of 66kg, that’ll be more than enough for everything!
  • Liquids over 100ml are allowed
    Handy for larger toiletries, cosmetics and essentials.
  • Book online now and save
    It’s up to 50% cheaper to buy online compared to buying at the airport!
So now you know what makes our 22kg checked-in bags brilliant value! Book your bags online now, it’s easy – simply click ‘Add baggage’ to get started.