Sports Equipment

Bring your bike, skis or golf clubs with you!

Be sure you’re well equipped for events and activities abroad!

We offer a specialist service for equipment carriage, so you can bring your own bicycles, golf clubs, and skis, as well as surfboards and even musical instruments.

We’ve put together a handy guide to our equipment carriage below. Be sure that your items are insured before you fly too.

Whether you want to tee off on the Algarve, ski on Alpine slopes or cycle the incredible road routes of Majorca, we have the ideal equipment carriage for you.

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Skis/Snowboards and boots: Item max weight 22kg - Max size 9.5ft x 3ft (290 x 91cm)

Golf Clubs: Item max weight 22kg - Max size 6ft x 3ft (182 x 91cm)

Non-motorised bicycle: Items max weight 32kg - Max size 6ft x 3ft (182 x 91cm)

All other sports equipment and musical instruments: Items max weight 22kg - Max size 6ft x 3ft (182 x 91cm)

Any weight over this limit will be charged at standard excess baggage rates.
See Excess Baggage information here.

Item How to Book
Non-motorised bicyclesNon-motorised bicycles must be wrapped in stiff cardboard with the pedals off and the handlebars turned in line with the frame. Tyres must also be partially deflated.
Golf Clubs
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Scuba EquipmentScuba tanks, if part of your equipment, need to be empty with the valves open.
Windsurfing Boards
Body/Surf Boards
Musical Instruments
Fishing Rod

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For more information on other outsize baggage including musical instruments, wedding dresses and car seats and pushchairs click here.