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Cheap flights to Faro from Manchester

Select your cheap flights to Faro from Manchester using our calendars below. Our cheapest flights are selling fast, so book now to get the lowest fares and the best choice of seats for flights from Manchester to Faro.

MAN Manchester

FAO Faro

Going out
Mon 09 Apr 2018

Coming back
Mon 09 Apr 2018

Who's going?
1 Adult

Flight Times - Mon 9 Apr 2018

Departs 08:00
Arrives 11:05
+£18per person
Departs 17:10
Arrives 20:10
£45 per person

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Faro Manchester

Flight Times - Mon 9 Apr 2018

Departs 12:05
Arrives 15:10
+£9per person
Departs 21:10
Arrives 00:10
£117 per person

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