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1. Cash refund


We’ll refund the total cost of your booking, minus any non-refundable amounts outlined on the cash refund breakdown. This will be credited to the card you paid with within the next 28 days.

2. Refund credit note


Must be redeemed within six months of receiving it. If you don't redeem the Refund Credit Note within this time frame, we will provide you with a full refund. If you don't wish to accept the Refund Credit Note, please choose a cash refund.


Please note, this is only applicable to new bookings.


Total Refund Credit Note amount may only be used on one booking.


If the price of your new booking is less than your Refund Credit Note amount, the remaining balance will be refunded to you via the original payment method.


If the price of your new booking is more than the Refund Credit Note amount, you can pay the difference by another payment method.     


We will not include any previous cancellation charges, admin fees or any charges for insurance which you may have purchased into the value of the Refund Credit Note.


Our normal terms and conditions apply to all bookings once confirmed.


Normal amendment fees will apply for any date or name changes, once a new booking has been confirmed.


Only redeemable on flight only bookings made directly with and not any bookings made with Jet2holidays.


Please note, if you receive reimbursement for your flight via other means, this Refund Credit Note (or any flight booked using this Refund Credit Note) will be voided without further notice.


Please make sure you keep your refund credit note safe and secure.


The Refund Credit Note is non-transferable and should not be resold. The Refund Credit Note is intended for the lead passenger. We reserve the right to cancel the Refund Credit Note or a booking made with a Refund Credit Note if this has been used by someone other than the intended recipient or without their permission.


To redeem your Refund Credit Note please enter your code in the “credit note” box on the payment page when booking your flight at, or contact our friendly Travel Advisors.