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Jet2 Net Zero

Here at Jet2.com, we know that travelling is amazing. We also know it needs to be sustainable, so we can keep enjoying trips for the long term.

By booking with us, you’re choosing an airline that takes its environmental impact seriously. We’re already one of the world’s most efficient and environmentally friendly airlines. How? Our efforts over the last decade to reduce our impact through an efficient flying programme, waste reduction scheme and electrification programme.

But now we’re doing even more.

Our new ‘Jet2 Net Zero’ strategy considers sustainability at every stage of the journey – on the ground and in the air. And it’ll help us reach our target of net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Highlights of our sustainability journey so far

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Increased efficiency

Since 2010 we’ve saved 1.8 million tonnes of CO2 .

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Improved emissions

We’re ranked 11th most environmentally efficient airline in the world by atmosfair.

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Reduction in plastic

We’ve removed more than 9 million plastic items from our planes.

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Going electric

Almost half of our ground service equipment is already electric.

What do we mean by “carbon covered”?

In a nutshell, we promise to offset every tonne of carbon dioxide our company emits that’s not already covered by our contribution to existing government schemes. Offsetting means we invest in environmental projects that reduce carbon emissions across the world, equivalent to the amount of carbon we emit.

But carbon offsetting isn’t all we’re doing. Over the last decade we’ve worked hard to reduce our carbon emissions through an efficient flying programme by investing in our fleet. And from this year, our offices are now running off renewable electric energy, and our Jet2.com ground handling operations at our airports will be carbon neutral too.

And we won’t stop there. In the next few years, we’ll bring new, more efficient planes into our fleet, use sustainable aviation fuel, produce a hotel sustainability charter, and continue to dramatically reduce our plastic usage. It’s all part of our mission to make flying more sustainable in the future.


Sustainability at every stage of the journey

Our new strategy considers sustainability at every stage of the journey – on the ground and in the air.

On the ground

In the air

Our commitments to you

  • Reduce our CO2 per passenger 10% by 2030.
  • All our carbon will be covered by offsetting all emissions not covered by existing carbon pricing mechanisms.
  • Committed to using UK produced Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) by 2026.
  • 50% zero emission GSE equipment by 2023.
  • Reduce single use plastics on our aircraft 80% by 2023 (equivalent to removing 11 million items on an annual basis)
  • Reduce our net emissions significantly though our carbon offsetting scheme, purchasing new aircraft and continuing our efficiency improvements.

Find out more by reading our full Jet2 Net Zero strategy report.