Sun, sea, islands and history galore!

Split is the second largest city in Croatia located on the Adriatic coast. With a vast history ranging back to prehistoric times, Split is packed with evidence of its past including a grand Roman palace, medieval streets and further examples of inhabitation by Greeks, Venetians, Austrians and French.

With a beautiful coastline, clear sandy beaches and crystalline seas, the city is also a great location for a beach holiday where you can soak up the warm climate and take boat trips to discover more of the Dalmatian Islands.


Sightseeing in Split

Split's historic centre has been classed as a UNESCO world heritage site and therefore has much to offer on a sight seeing holiday.

The most famous landmark in the city is Diocletian’s Palace built in the 3rd century AD for Roman Emperor Diocletian. Almost a city within a city, the maze of streets and alleyways, buildings, temples, columns, walls and ruins are fascinating and you are almost obligated to visit.

The Cathedral and Bell Tower are also well worth visiting; built in a Romanesque style the octagonal cathedral holds an array of beautiful religious items and for a minimal fee you can climb to the top of the bell tower for some fantastic views across Split. Another cathedral worth visiting is the Saint Duje Cathedral which is possibly the oldest in the world.

There is a large variety of museums and galleries in Split too, one of the most popular being the Archeological Museum. The oldest museum in Split, it contains archeological objects from prehistoric times to the early Medieval ages and provides a fascinating insight into Split’s cultured history. The City Museum of Split is also one of the most popular, housed within a complex of medieval buildings with exhibits from the 13th-14th centuries.

If you’ve got the stamina, a hike up to the top of Marjan Hill is well worth the trouble as you will be rewarded with spectacular views from the 178 metre high peak. There is also a zoo and natural history museum on the hill as well as the church of St. George and the Oceanographic Institute. On the southern slopes there are 15th century caves, the former dwellings of Renaissance hermitages, and there is also a small church in front.

The best way to take in the sights of Split is on a walking tour of the Old Town where it is like stepping into a new world. The streets are lined with historic and sometimes ancient buildings, with cobbled streets, intriguing alleyways and a medieval atmosphere.


Fun Seekers in Split

If days of taking in the fantastic sights of Split doesn’t appeal to you then start your fun filled holiday at the beach. One of the most popular in Split is Bene Beach where the rocky shore and dense pine forest make it a great location for boozy picnics or even a barbecue.

Water sports are also popular where you can do anything from swim in the warm water of the Adriatic Sea to water skiing, scuba diving, sea kayaking on the crystalline sea and many more.

There are also facilities for many other sports including tennis, basketball and badminton, as well as football which is very popular with the locals who are fiercely proud of their local team Hadjuk Football Club.

Shopping facilities in Split are mainly focused around the many different markets in the town. Pazar is an open air market selling local produce, Peskarija is a fish market selling locally caught seafood and Podrum is a handicraft market and the best place to find souvenirs. Many other boutiques can be found along the streets of the city with larger shopping malls located on the outskirts.

In the evenings make sure you try some of the fantastic restaurants and sample some of the fresh seafood which is a local speciality. Beer is cheap and many good eateries can be found along the beach promenade.

Nightlife is not bad either with several bars and clubs including Tribu Club, O’Hara and Kocka all offering great music and a wide selection of beers, wines and spirits so you can dance the night away.


Family Fun in Split

Split is a great destination for a family holiday where its warm climate, rich culture and fantastic beaches offer something for adults and kids of all ages.

Diocletian’s Palace is a great place to introduce the kids to the history of another culture, where they can play Romans and hide and seek amongst the ruins of this UNESCO heritage site.

Marjan Hill is also good for families and although those little legs might be tired by the time you reach the top, all will be forgotten once you enter the family recreation area which includes a beach, playground, tennis courts, badminton and basketball courts. At the top of the hill there is also a Natural History Museum and a small Zoo as well as 15th century caves where the kids can play at being hermits.

Located on the Adriatic Sea some of the beaches in Croatia are simply stunning. The Blue Flag Bacvice Beach in Split is one of the most popular with golden sand and shallow clear water. Perfect for a family beach holiday, Mum and Dad can relax on a sun lounger while the kids build sandcastles and go for a paddle. You can even try snorkelling in the warm crystalline water and head to one of the many restaurants and cafes along the promenade to feed any rumbling tummies.


Romantic Breaks in Split

Split is a fantastic destination for a romantic break with its streets lined with ancient stone houses, vineyards, trees and an array of waterfront cafes where you can wile away the days people watching and soaking up the sun.

If you fancy taking in the stunning Croatian scenery why not charter a yacht and go on your own private tour of the Dalmatian Islands. You can stop for picnics in hidden coves and watch the sun set on the horizon.

If island hopping isn’t for you then head out on one of the various day trips on offer. Brela Beach is easily reached by boat from Split and is one of the world’s most stunning beaches with 6km of coves and crystalline water. You can also explore the pretty villages on the island for a quiet and romantic afternoon.

Back on the mainland make sure that you visit some of the delicious restaurants serving a large range of different cuisine. Dine at Baletna Skola for some fine Croatian and Italian dining or Pizzeria Galija which is a little pricier but well worth it for the delicious food.

Follow dinner with a midnight stroll around Diocetian’s Palace in the eerie yet romantic moonlight glow amongst the shimmering marble stones and ancient Roman ruins.


Top Tips in Split

Split airport is situated around 20km from the city. Buses outside will take you straight to the centre of the town for around 30 Croation Kuna or 5 Euros. Taxis are more expensive and there are also several car hire companies at the airport. Once in the city the best way to get around is by foot as the centre is pedestrianised.

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  • I would like... - zelim...
  • Entrance - Ulaz
  • Exit - Izlaz
  • Open - Otvoreno
  • Closed - Zatvoreno
  • WC - Zahodi
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  • Women - zene

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