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An Unspoilt Island with Beautiful Beaches and Scenery!

Visit the fabulous surroundings of Olbia with a cheap flight from! Sardinia has a warm and temperate marine climate – hot and dry in the summer and mild and humid in winter. Olbia means 'happy town' and is located on the North east coast of Sardinia, famous for having one of the most beautiful stretches of coast in the Mediterranean, with fine white sands and crystal clear water. Olbia boasts many forms of entertainment and a good selection of restaurants, bars and shops with the main hub of activity focused along the coastline.


The town of Olbia in the north-east of Sardinia has some of the most beautiful and inspiring sights in the island. The Church of San Simplico dates from the 11th century and is built of beautiful architecture with pillars and columns lining the interior of the church. It is also the location of many Roman graves stones which just highlights the ancient history of Sardinia. The ancient Holy Well of Sa Testa was built between the 8th and 9th centuries BC it is a sacred place used as a resting place for believers.

Olbia is also the location of many medieval castles and buildings including the Castello di Pedres. The castle is partly ruins but also provides magnificent views of the surrounding area and is well worth a visit. The megalithic structure the Nuragic complex of Cabu Abbass is an ancient stone tower with no foundations, relying only on the weight of the stones to anchor it to the ground. It has a 200 metre high town wall which stretches right into the mountains and is one of the most distinctive archeological monuments in Sardinia.

A cheap flight to Olbia also provides great access to other towns in Sardinia. The capital of Cagliari is well worth a visit as it contains many museums including the Museo Archeologico featuring archeological finds to demonstrate the ancient history of Sardinia and also the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Cagliari containing 200 years worth of Sardinian art. Cagliari also boasts many Roman features including an Amphitheatre which is still used today for musical and theatrical shows.

The home of Guiseppe Garibaldi (the Italian revolutionary) is in Caprera, a small island off the northern coast in the Maddalena archipelago. His house has been preserved as he left it and you will also be able to see his tomb which lies in the garden.

Another great town to visit for sightseeing is Alghero, with St. Mary's Cathedral; a fantastic 16th century Catalan-Gothic style cathedral. There is also the beautiful natural sight of Neptune's Cave, which contains many caverns, passages, lakes, wells and tunnels with fantastic rock formations, including beautiful stalactites and a cathedral like dome.


Fun Seekers in Sardinia

The best way to discover Sardinia's beauty and diversity, wherever you are on the island, is to go hiking or cycling over mountains, through fields and along beaches. There are also great facilities for sailing in Costa Smeralda you can either hire a boat yourself or take a trip on a harbour tour to discover caves and dramatic cliffs.

Porto Pollo in the town of Palau near Olbia is great for windsurfing. Capo Caccia in Alghero is great for diving as it has many underwater caves, tunnels and corals and there are also nearly 100 shipwrecks around Sardinia that are very interesting to visit.

There are riding stables on almost every corner in Sardinia as horseriding is one of the main pastimes. There are facilities for both the novice and the experienced rider to ride in the mountains or gallop along deserted beaches.

There are also many golf courses in Sardinia: one of the best, Il Pevero, is in Olbia on the Costa Smeralda. Sardinia has the perfect backdrop for golfing with many schools and driving greens, making it great for pros and beginners.

Porto Cervo is a picturesque village in Olbia on the Costa Smeralda and is a fantastic shopping location with designers such as Armani, Bvlgari, Cartier, Gucci, Prada and Versace all having stores here as well as general stores and supermarkets.

The nightlife in Sardinia is mainly focused in the big towns such as Olbia, Cagliari and Alghero. The Costa Smeralda is a hub of bars and pubs after dark with laid back piano bars or the more famous and frenetic Billionaire Club. There are also many bars and discos in the nearby resorts of Baia Sardinia, Poltu Quattu and Porto Rotundo.


The many beaches on the Costa Smeralda provide the perfect location for a family beach holiday. The white sands and crystal-clear sea are both beautiful and fun to spend your days bucket and spade in hand. You can even try your hand at snorkeling to see some of the Sardinian marine life.

Outside of Olbia you will find Aquadream: an excellent waterpark for cooling off in the hot weather and having loads of fun as you zip down slides, whizz down flumes and splash in the pool.

You can take a short ferry trip to Corsica, a neighboring island, which is equally as beautiful as Sardinia where there are lots of things to do including visiting museums, the magnificent mountains, coast and cliffs, and also visiting the lively Sunday flea market in Place St Nicolas.

If you're looking for great accommodation which caters fantastically for children then why not choose Forte Village. The resort contains a kids club just a few steps away from the beach with plenty of activities to keep them entertained all day long so mum and dad can head off on their own, a kid's restaurant, and the Laguna Pool which is exclusively for children.


Romantic Breaks in Sardinia

The beautiful, unspoilt island of Sardinia provides the perfect destination for a romantic break. You can relax by the pool, sipping cocktails or walk hand in hand down a deserted beach at the Costa Smeralda whilst watching the sunset together.

A perfect honeymoon location, there is always somewhere secluded to spend the afternoon with your loved one, perhaps with a picnic and a bottle of fine Sardinian wine. With an array of luxurious hotels and villas, fine restaurants and cosy villages to spend your time in there is always something to do for a relaxing and romantic holiday together.


For great food visit Gallura, one of Olbia's most popular restaurants and famous for both it's creative and rustic dishes.

Visit Nord Est in Olbia, a great coffee house by day and a fantastic bar by night.

Key phrases

  • Yes - SiNo - No
  • Excuse me – Mi scusi
  • Hello – Buon giorno
  • Goodbye – Arrivederci
  • Thank you – Grazie
  • Please – Per favore
  • Where is the nearest…? – Dov'e il…piu vicino?
  • Do you speak English? – Parla inglese?
  • How much is this? – Quant'e per favore?
  • What time do you open/close? - A che ora apre/chiude?
  • I would like… – Vorrei…
  • Do you have…? – Avete…?
  • Do you have a vacant room/double room? – Avete camere libere/una camera doppia?
  • I have a reservation – Ho fatto una prenotazione
  • Do you have a table for two? – Avete una tavola per due?
  • I am a vegetarian – Sono vegetariano/a
  • The bill please – Il conto, per favore

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