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Our Traffic Light Update

Our Traffic Light Update – Flight-only

Last updated: 17 September 2021, 18:17

The UK Government has committed to reviewing its Traffic Light ‘status’ of overseas destinations every three weeks. Their latest review was on 17 September 2021 and we'll review our programme and policies again in line with future announcements. As the UK Government has previously decided not to give us advance notice of any changes to the entry requirements from different countries, please bear with us as we need to take time to consider any changes to our programme and policies.

Please make sure you check the travel entry requirements regularly for each country (both UK and abroad) before you depart. There could be changes to the specific entry requirements at short notice, so you may want to wait until seven days before departure before arranging things like COVID-19 tests.

Our Traffic Light Update  - Flight Only

The Green List  

If your destination is on the UK Government’s Green List – or in the Common Travel Area – we’re looking forward to taking you on holiday! Please check the travel requirements for your destination.

The Amber List 

We’re looking forward to taking you away soon. However, because of the latest guidance for your destination, if you're not fully vaccinated you may have to self-isolate either in your destination or in the UK. You can find the latest guidance for travel to your destination here.

The Red List 

Following the news that Turkey has been removed from the Red List, our flights and holidays to Turkey will restart on 23 September 2021. However, if your holiday is due to depart on or before 22 September 2021, it won’t be going ahead and we’ll automatically refund the total cost of your booking.

Helpful information

Our Traffic Light Update will be kept under constant review and may be amended by us at any time. The Traffic Light System applies to arrivals to England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Our Changes and Refunds Policy can be found here.