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Berlin - Basking in Boosting Tourism

Published: Wed 29 Aug 2012 at 10:34

Updated: Wed 29 Aug 2012 at 10:36


Airlines have been carrying an increased number of visitors into the city of Berlin lately, though these are not all your usual tourists looking for a memorable city break.  It would appear that Berlin is becoming something of a conference and exhibition centre on a grand scale.

Tailor Made Hotels

More and more of the hotels in the city are now able to accommodate meetings, conferences and exhibitions and the standard of service that they offer, along with the fabulous city surroundings are making for a great business destination as well as still topping the charts as a destination popular with city bound tourists.  

Add to the fact that the city is continuing to invest in its galleries, museums and other attractions; the city is becoming one huge visitor attraction.  Its location also is making it a hit with business professionals as quick and easy direct flights are available straight into the heart of the city.

A Unique Vibrancy

Berlin is a city that has a unique art and cultural scene and stands out form many other European cities because of its unique vibrancy and appeal.  With the increase in the number of direct flights into the city from the UK, and companies like offering cheap flights to Berlin, anyone, both business traveller and tourist could be forgiven for making Berlin their European city destination of choice.

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