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Self-Catering in Spain – A Totally Cost Effective Holiday

Published: Thu 23 Aug 2012 at 09:44

Updated: Thu 23 Aug 2012 at 09:45


Most people don’t realise that the cost of a self-catering holiday can vary greatly from one country to the next.  For example, recent research has shown that often a self-catering holiday in a country such as Cyprus can cost almost twice as much as a Spanish self-catering holiday.  This is based on the cost of a shopping basket including cleaning products and alcohol that a family of four would require for one week’s self-catering in each destination.

Majorca Wins Hands Down

The results of the research were surprising.  The cost of a basket reached almost £105 in Cyprus whilst the comparable basket on the Spanish island of Majorca came in at just under £57.00, narrowly beating the family favourite destination of the Algarve.  

The survey was undertaken by the Post Office Travel Money department, but the results that the survey threw up were more surprising than anyone expected.  All of the Spanish destinations came in at the low end of the scale, making it a fantastic cost effective holiday destination.

European Variances

Even the cost of some staple items like bread and milk varied greatly from country to country, with bread being almost three times more expensive in Italy than on the island of Gozo, and milk in Majorca was almost four times cheaper than in Cyprus.  

Having found out just how much they can save living on the island for a week, more and more families look set to take advantage of the cheap flights to Majorca offered by to have the most cost effective holiday that they can.

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