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Dubrovnik featured in the World Travel Guide

Published: Wed 12 Sep 2012 at 09:54

Updated: Wed 12 Sep 2012 at 10:39


Dubrovnik natives have reason to celebrate after the World Travel Guide recently featured the Croatian city. There was arguably a time when many would consider cheap flights to Dubrovnik unthinkable, but today it is one of the holiday hotspots of the Adriatic.

Wandering Dubrovnik’s peaceful cobbled streets today, some find it hard to believe the city was besieged by war in the 1990s. However, between October 1991 and May 1992 more than 68% of the buildings in the Old Town – a UNESCO World Heritage Site – were damaged or destroyed. 

Thankfully, 95% of the buildings have been reconstructed in a painstaking £6m restoration project. Instead of crumbling 7th century walls, this Pearl of the Adriatic now gleams as brightly as a museum. This was one of the observations made by travel editor Tina Edwin-Banerjee, when she flew to Dubrovnik on behalf of the World Travel Guide.

Interesting and Unusual Cuisine

One of Tina’s first jobs was to sample the fare at one of the city’s more prestigious restaurants, run by an internationally acclaimed chef. Among Tina’s favourite dishes was smoked cauliflower in a caviar and candied garlic sauce, which she found surprisingly moreish. She discovered plenty of restaurants serving excellent cuisine, with fish and seafood featuring highly on most menus. 

Tina warns that the city, especially around the Old Town, can get fairly busy with cruise groups in the summer months, so she advises holidaymakers to explore in the afternoon – or charter a speed boat and escape to the neighbouring islands. By booking cheap flights to Dubrovnik with us at Jet2, tourists can arrange their days to suit themselves, not a cruise-ship itinerary. 

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