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Fireworks and Fiestas in Ibiza

Published: Wed 05 Sep 2012 at 09:38

Updated: Wed 05 Sep 2012 at 09:39


August is the peak of the tourist season in Ibiza, not only is the island at its busiest the weather is also at it hottest.  More people arrive on the island in August than during any other month of the year and this August those who come to the island will be able to enjoy some incredible fiestas and some fabulous firework displays. 

There are a number or well organised displays set to take place right across the island so anyone planning an August holiday here should certainly be able to enjoy at least one of them.

Light the Touch Paper

The fun kicks off with the Gunpowder Plot on August 8th in Ibiza Town; this is set to be an incredible display around the marina, and in fact this should be the biggest display on the island.  Come the 15th of August the pyrotechnics take place in Cala Llonga.  

The 24th August is San Bartolome’s Day and the celebrations will be held in San Antonio before the last display takes place in San Agustin on the 28th.  All of these displays will mark the end of a full day’s celebration including fiestas and concerts.

A Busy Month

August also sees the annual Jazz Festival in the old walled town where concerts and informal jazz sessions are set to last late into the night, making relaxing on the beach the following day even more appealing.  With plenty of cheap flights to Ibiza available from, you too could be partying the night away and watching the sky light up with colour.

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