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Paris tops List of Europe’s Most Valuable Monuments

Published: Tue 18 Sep 2012 at 10:15

Updated: Tue 18 Sep 2012 at 10:17


Most people booking cheap flights to Paris make a beeline to the Eiffel Tower, and now it has been named as Europe’s most valuable monument; worth an astonishing £344billion.

The identifying landmark for the city of Paris, also known as La Tour Eiffel, is a 324-metre communication tower with three observation platforms. Erected as the gateway for the 1889 Universal Exposition, and with a lattice framework for easy dismantling, it was initially disliked by Parisians, but survived to become universally loved and accepted. 

An Important Feature on Paris’ Skyline 

Named after its creator, Alexandre Gustave Eiffel (who also designed the Statue of Liberty), the tower’s vibrant history includes a vital role in WW1, when its powerful transmitters blocked the German radio signals and slowed their advance. It is still the world’s 10th tallest latticed structure, and with more than 250 million visitors since it opened, also the most visited fee-paying tourist attraction in the world.

With its iconic spire dominating the Parisian skyline, the Eiffel Tower is a major contributor to the French economy – a fact that was recognised when it was recently crowned Europe’s most valuable landmark by the Italian Monza and Brianza Chamber of Commerce. They took into account the building’s branding, image and aesthetic qualities before giving it a monetary value almost five times greater than its nearest rival, The Coliseum of Rome. According to some sources, this makes it the most valuable monument in the world.

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