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Prague Writers’ Festival Goes from Strength to Strength

Published: Fri 03 May 2013 at 16:18

Updated: Fri 03 May 2013 at 16:19


Literature buffs were in for a real treat recently as the 23rd Prague Literature Festival kicked off in style; this year offering a better and more boutique-style lineup.

For 2013, Prague's renowned literature festival made the decision to focus on quality rather than quantity as it offered a lineup that was set to run for a shorter time than in previous years, but that packed more weight with literary buffs around the globe.

People from the UK often seek out cheap flights to Prague each year to attend the literature festival, and this year was no exception. are often a first port of call for people looking for flights that not only fit in with their budget, but that also fit in with their busy lifestyle.

Plenty to Look Forward to

This year, the Prague Literature Festival saw one of its most revered guests of all time making an appearance - Orhan Pamuk, a critically acclaimed Turkish Author. The creator of the festival, Michael March, spoke about some of the issues that would be raised by the event, saying:

"How are nations born, destroyed or misused? How are they created? What does it take to create a nation? Does it take a war? Violence? Sitting down at the peace table? Smoking the peace pipe? How are nations really created? That goes for the question of Czechoslovakia in 1918."

The lineup for the 2014 Prague Literature Festival is still to be announced, but there are still many reasons to explore Prague in the meantime and a number of cheap flights to Prague are operating from the UK every day.

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