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Do you take any of these unusual items on holiday with you?

Published: Fri 14 Jul 2017 at 10:37

Updated: Fri 14 Jul 2017 at 10:48


Sun lotion, swimwear… best china, cutlery and pillow… check! Our new survey shows we take some very unusual things on holiday.

The poll by Jet2Villas has revealed the lengths that British holidaymakers will go to recreate a home from home when on holiday, with the average holidaymaker taking three home comforts with them and one in five packing five creature comforts or more.

The research shows some of the steps we take to have a sense of home when away:

  • Nearly half take their own tea bags on holiday and 15% switch the kettle on the moment they arrive
  • A third bring their own slippers and one in five take their own pillow
  • One in ten take their own cutlery and best china on holiday
  • Some even take photos of pets and cookery books with them!

The survey also asked what aspects of home Britons would take with them on holiday if they could. Their own bed, the privacy of home, the TV, and the car top the list. With a favourite home-cooked meal also ranking highly, nearly one-in-five say they overcome this by enjoying a roast dinner on a Sunday when on holiday.

With Britons reporting privacy as critical when getting away from it all, the survey looked at the reasons for this and found that half of us have bumped into someone we know on holiday. Interestingly, we don’t seem that happy to bump into people we know, with half saying they deliberately avoided them!

The research is published by Jet2Villas, our brand new villa offer with hundreds of properties on sale. This new proposition offers customers privacy and the freedom of a villa, with all the benefits of a package holiday, and even car-hire included for those that wish they could take the car on holiday with them.

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Becky Burton, a fashion worker, from Harrogate, certainly doesn’t pack light when she’s on holiday, ensuring tea bags, her favourite teapot, dressing gown and slippers are all in tow – even if she’s heading to warmer climes.

Becky (pictured with an abundance of items that she takes on holiday with her) says: “I find it absolutely impossible to travel light. I have to have as many of my home comforts with me as possible and these do end up taking up most of the space of my case, meaning there is little left for my clothes!”

The Top 10 home comforts brought on holiday by Britons:

1. Tea bags.

2. Slippers

3. Ketchup

4. Pillow

5. Dressing gown

6. HP Sauce

7. Marmite

8. Own cutlery

9. Favourite china

10. A photo of a pet

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