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Jet2holidays responds to Government’s holiday tout crackdown

Published: Tue 11 Jul 2017 at 11:08

Updated: Tue 11 Jul 2017 at 11:13


We welcome the announcement over the weekend that the Government is moving to tighten the net on unscrupulous holiday sickness touts.

Jet2holidays has led the way in campaigning to raise awareness and clamp down on this fraudulent activity. We hope that action is taken quickly so that Britain will no longer be known, humiliatingly as it is by some today, as the ‘fake sick man of Europe’.

Recent media coverage has shown us that these touts know no bounds when it comes to coaxing and cajoling British holidaymakers into making fraudulent sickness claims. Their actions are fundamentally dishonest and deceitful, and we are pleased that the Government have taken notice and promised to act. This action needs to be swift and effective.

This is about protecting holidaymakers. It is about protecting them from being fooled into committing fraud or risking their personal data. It is about protecting their right to continue enjoying their well-deserved all-inclusive holidays. It is also about protecting honest claimants.

We take genuine sickness claims extremely seriously, and we do all we can to help our customers who become ill whilst abroad. We have a 24-7 Leeds-based emergency hotline, where trained case managers can help travellers quickly find an English-speaking doctor. In some of our biggest resorts, our hotels also have GPs in-house who can treat hotel guests on the spot. That’s why we encourage customers to contact us or our hoteliers as soon as possible if they have had any issue with their hard-earned holiday.

We know that making false sickness claims goes against the instincts and attitudes of the vast majority of British holidaymakers. This is why the dishonest minority must be stopped and why the Government’s announcement is so welcome.

Our teams have fought hard to ensure that European resorts continue to offer the best value all-inclusive packages for British travellers, and we are happy to hear the Government is on the side of holidaymakers too.

We hope a lasting resolution to this problem can be found, and fast. We will be keeping the pressure on to make sure the Government follows through on its promise. The sooner they clamp down on these touts and claims management companies the better. The cure to this particular sickness, it seems, is coming. We hope it comes quickly.

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