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Agents become pilots and cabin crew for a day

Published: Mon 25 Sep 2017 at 15:00

Updated: Mon 25 Sep 2017 at 15:00


Last week we hosted a group of independent travel agents at our £9.5 million training centre in Bradford, where they got to pilot inside a Boeing 737-800 simulator and were put through their paces by our cabin crew training team.

The group got a behind-the-scenes look inside the Training Centre, which houses four flight simulators, unique cabin crew trainer units, a high-tech Computer Based Training (CBT) room for pilots, an engine for our engineering teams to train on, as well as fully equipped classrooms and briefing rooms.

The Centre provides an unrivalled quality of training both for new recruits as well as existing pilots, pilot apprentices, cabin crew and engineers.

Under the expert tuition of Captain Adam Carr and Captain Tony Blake, the group each had a go at a simulated take-off and landing, with some very impressive piloting on display.

After showing off their skills in the simulator, the group spent time with our Cabin Crew Trainers Jen Platt and Paul Woods-Smith, where they were given a taste of what makes our highly-trained Cabin Crew such a winning team.

It was an extremely insightful day, and the positive feedback from the group suggested they thoroughly enjoyed it too.

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