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An Authentic Easter Break in Barcelona

29th March 2012

The sight of chocolate eggs and brightly-wrapped bunnies can make us bored of Easter before it’s even begun, so how about a cheap flight to Barcelona to escape the commercialism and experience the true meaning of Easter? It’s one of the biggest festivals in Spain, and needless to say, it will make for a getaway that you’ll never forget. 

Barcelona Mosaic View

Tourists flock from all over Spain and beyond to enjoy Holy Week, or Semana Santa in Barcelona, which is a particularly joyful time as it’s when the period of Lent comes to a close. This means you can expect lots of eating, drinking and general merriment from the locals in Barcelona, and of course it would be rude not to join them.

Beat the Crowds

On the other hand, Spain is a deeply religious country and therefore Easter celebrations are often solemn too. Throughout Holy Week a number of magnificent processions and ceremonies will take place in the city that are wonderful to observe, but bear in mind that you’ll have to get there early to get a good spot!

The same applies to finding your patch of sand on Barceloneta beach when you want to escape Easter altogether, but you’re always likely to find a sunny patch of grass in Park Güell. Don’t forget to take time for a stroll around the Gothic Quarter for souvenirs of your cheap flight to Barcelona, and to check out the fantastic Gaudi-esque food market.

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