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Balearic Islands Boosted by British Tourism

16th July 2013 • Posted in Announcements

Over the last few years, the economy has been uncertain for many countries around the world, with the UK included. While it steadily starts to ascend in most places, none are more optimistic than the Balearic Islands. Figures show great improvement since last year and the gentle economic optimism seems to be spreading throughout the region.

Balearics Value

According to the Ministry of Tourism and Industry in Madrid, just over one million tourists visited the Balearic Islands during the first four months of 2013. This is nearly a 10% increase since last year, showing a very positive change in optimism. The availability of cheap flights to the Balearic Islands has given Brits more of an opportunity to take advantage of the affordable prices to enjoy cheap getaways.

Brits Dominating the Spanish Tourist Market

The Ministry of Tourism also pointed out that 633,000 foreign tourists visited the Balearic Islands in April - an 8.6% increase since April 2012. It has been highlighted that it is the British holidaymakers who make up the majority of tourists making the difference throughout the region, and it welcomes those booking cheap flights to the Balearic Islands this year.

The Ministry of Tourism’s report showed that Brits are also still dominating the tourist market in the rest of Spain, with many locations boasting huge popularity. Barcelona, for instance, has recently been named the best summer city by Lonely Planet readers, and tourists continue to take advantage of deals, like cheap flights to Barcelona.

Despite all fluctuations within the economy, the fact remains that Brits are still booking holidays abroad, and are making the most of the cheap travel across Europe.

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