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Switzerland is home to Geneva, the gateway to a skier's paradise. This city is your key to the best resorts in the Swiss and French Alps. With breathtaking scenery, outstanding restaurants and world-class entertainment, it’s no wonder Geneva is reputed as one of the most beautiful and cultural cities in Europe.

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Green Geneva

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an art-loving culture fan or a great outdoors enthusiast, you’re gonna love Geneva! This sophisticated city is sprinkled with wow-worthy landmarks and amazing museums, while the green spaces are never-ending. In fact, Geneva is known as the ‘city of parks’.

Tick tock…

…it’s time to talk clocks. Do names like Omega, Rolex and Tag Heuer ring any bells? Yep, they originate right here in Switzerland. But if you want to get your hands on this type of arm candy, well you better be on the big bucks – they’ll set you back a small fortune! Window shopping it is then…

One, two, ski!

There’s no doubt about it, skiers love the Swiss slopes. Some of the best-known resorts are positioned in these parts, with Verbier and Zermatt to name but two. In fact, Geneva connects to an amazing 270 ski resorts, including France’s huge Three Valleys region.