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Fly to ten fantastic destinations in the United Kingdom with! The UK is awash with incredibly scenic cities – especially Scotland’s Edinburgh and Glasgow. Ireland’s fascinating urban hub, Belfast, is a winner too. In England, discover Manchester, the Leeds and Bradford areas, Newcastle, East Midlands, Birmingham, Bristol and the cosmopolitan capital, London.

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City sights

There are several stunning cities to discover across the UK. First, you have the capitals, London, Belfast and Edinburgh, each with a long history and an incredible number of attractions, restaurants and bars. That’s not forgetting the musical legacy of Manchester, which gives the city a unique atmosphere. Meanwhile, Leeds has been reinvented to become a modern, vibrant cityscape and Bristol impresses with its iconic suspension bridge and ever-growing arts scene.

The great outdoors

Whichever destination you visit in the UK, you won’t be far from a national park. There are 15 of them across the country, from the beautiful waterfronts of the Lake District to the stunning mountains of the Peak District. The picturesque Yorkshire Dales are also well worth a visit if you’re in the area. Love rolling hills? From Bristol, you can easily visit the postcard-perfect villages of the Cotswolds.

Flavours from the UK

There are plenty of places to try hearty, warming food that’s perfect for the cooler climate during the UK’s autumn and winter seasons. Look out for delicious stews, pies and roast dinners often served with a generous helping of gravy, mash and root vegetables!