Madeira AirportImportant Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Madeira Airport (FNC)

9100-105 Santa Cruz, Madeira

Also known as:

Funchal Airport


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Getting There

  • How do I book airport parking?

    When arriving at the Madeira Airport by car, you have several parking options at your disposal and, for your convenience, all ANA parks have pedestrian access to the Passenger Terminal. From low-cost to premium, roofed or open-air, we have parking options for all tastes and needs.

  • I am being dropped off/picked up at the airport. Is there a drop off point?

    Yes, there are designated  drop off/pick up points located at Madeira Airport on arrivals  and departures. Short Parking only allowed for pick up and drop off in designated areas.

  • Which terminal will my flight depart from? Which hall do I use to check in?

    There is only one terminal at Madeira Airport. customers must use level 1 check in.


  • What time will the check-in desk open?

    The check in desk will open 2 hours and 30 minutes before departure.

  • What time will the check-in desk close?

    No there isn’t. 

  • What time will the check-in desk close?

    40 minutes prior STD.

Special Assistance

  • Which company will provide me with Special Assistance?

    The MyWay service is available for any passenger with disability or reduced mobility departing, in transit or arriving at the airport.

  • Does the airport offer a meet and greet service (is someone able to meet me in the car park with Special Assistance)?

    Unfortunately, Madeira Airport does not offer this service. Special assistance can only be provided from terminal to car park. For departures this service is provided only from within terminal. 

  • Where do I go if I have booked Special Assistance? Where does my Special Assistance begin?

    Upon arriving at the airport, look for the Designated Point of Arrival – a telephone booth clearly marked with the MyWay logo

    Using the phone, inform the MyWay service of your arrival, for personal and baggage assistance services at check-in, security checkpoint, border and boarding, all the way to your seat on the aircraft, where the airport's responsibility ends. (Myway desk is located on level 1 next to check  in desk number 40.

    When disembarking, the airline or travel agent will notify the MyWay service. All the necessary personal and baggage assistance shall be provided from your seat on the aircraft to the Designated Point of Departure, located in Arrivals, where the airport's responsibility ends.

At The Airport

  • Can I purchase a fast track ticket through security?


    1 - Book your reservation on this page or via the ANA app and make the payment.
    2 - You'll receive, via e-mail, the bar coded voucher. Print it or have it available on your smartphone.
    3 - In order to access the Fast Track service, at the airport and having done the check-in, present the boarding pass and the voucher, as indicated in the voucher.

  • What are the opening times for the Sales desk?

    From 08:00 AM to 09:00 PM – look for Portway Sales desk on level 1.

  • I have lost something in the airport/onboard a aircraft. Which telephone number can I call? aircraft

    Please contact, Portway from 08:30 am to 09.00pm
    Email :
    T+351 291 520 849
    Location: Baggage claim – Ground floor (0)

    Airport: In this case, you should contact the Madeira Airport Information and Customer Service.

    T. +351 291 520 700
    L. Floor 1
    H. 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

  • Is there an airport lounge available? If so, how do I make a booking?

     Yes. Following are available at FNC airport.

    Europa Lounge
    To welcome you to Funchal, the Madeira Airport has at your disposal the Europa Lounge, a comfortable and restricted space, ideal to wait for your baggage in full comfort.

    Atlântico Lounge
    Is perfect for you to think about coming back soon while you are waiting to board. Access to TV, Computers, Internet as well as Bar and Snack service.

    Bookings – please contact the Madeira Airport Information and Customer Service.

    T. +351 291 520 700
    L. Floor 1
    H. 9:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

    Subject to availability - Reserved for TAP customers or passengers of airlines assisted by Groundforce, the TAP Lounge is a premium space also available for the duration of 3hours maximum at 25eur fee per person subject to availability. Holders of Priority Pass, Dinners Club, Lounge Key, Lounge Pass and Dragon Pass are also welcomed in  this lounge.

    Bookings – Groundforce sales desk located on Level 1

  • Travelling with hand baggage only?

    If travelling with hand baggage only and if you are in possession of your boarding card, you may proceed straight to security (unless your boarding card indicates otherwise). We advise that you arrive at least 90 minutes prior to your flight to allow enough time. 

This information was last updated on 19 March 2019.